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What we bought Rosie for her 3rd Birthday: Toddler Present Ideas.

This is not in any way a bragging post, I researched heavily whilst thinking of what Rosie could possibly want or need before I started buying and I really found posts like this very helpful. Rosie is very lucky and has a bike, scooter and all of the big sort of things that toddlers play with already. I didn’t want to go overboard and buy for the sake of buying, especially whilst she is still so small so I focused on a mix of things that she would want and things that she actually needs.

Stickers and Activity books.

The best stickers I have found are the strips from Poundland – you get two strips for £1 and they have loads of designs to chose from. They are backed on a plastic sheet which means that little hands can peel them off with ease. I tend to always have a stash of these in our rainy day box as Rosie loves playing with them – either sticking them to pictures and drawing around them or by covering every visible surface in them. I also picked up a couple of activity books from Wilko and Home Bargains, again these are things I usually have in my secret stash that I can bring out if we are stuck but we had run out. The dot to dot uses the alphabet instead of numbers which I haven’t seen before.

Suzie the Sheep purse.

This was only a couple of pounds from Home Bargains and has been very well received. When we go to the shops we talk about money and coins so Rosie was thrilled to have some of her own. We have been trying to get her to think more about what she wants (rather than a constant stream of I want, can I have every time we are at the shops) so hopefully this is a bit of visual reinforcement. 


Paw Patrol 3D puzzle Eraser

I only picked these up the day before in  the clearance section of our local Asda for 50p. Now that Rosie has opened them, I wouldn’t recommend them. They are made of 3 or 4 individual pieces and they just don’t stay together which makes them a bit of a nuisance and quite dangerous for little ones. I can’t imagine that they are too effective at erasing either.

Peppa Pig Onsie.

I am not the biggest fan of character clothing and don’t tend to buy too much unless it is something Rosie has asked for. This lightweight, fleecy onesie is thin enough to wear in the car in the winter when they come to pick me up from work late at night and will be extra cosy if we have another tough winter. I didn’t realise that Boots stocked Mothercare clothing until recently but they have some really great bits in.

The Very Hungry Worry Monster book.

Rosie has mentioned recently that she is scared or worried, something that I want to avoid wherever possible. The Works have a range of books aimed at getting children to talk about their worries and anxieties including this book which was only £1. The Very Hungry Worry Monsters are friendly monsters that eat away your worries, making them disappear. I really hope that she enjoys it. 


To finish off her little pile of presents I grabbed a couple of bits whilst I was shopping, she needed a new toothbrush so I picked up a jazzy crocodile one, some Paw Patrol plasters and of course a tube of Smarties, because what 3 year old isn’t impressed by a jumbo packet of sweets. She also got the family of Peppa Pig characters as she plays with the ones she has daily, but was missing Mummy and Daddy pig – I popped them on top of her Muddy Puddle-esque chocolate cake and she was thrilled.

Are posts like these helpful? I have already started thinking about Christmas Presents so I was thinking of doing some gift guides in the coming months – let me know what you think.

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  • Timmy

    I really like this focus on what she wants and needs and balancing this out for birthdays, it must be so overwhelming for kids when they get so many things and stuff gets left aside and forgotten. She seemed to love everything she got and always good to put some focus on money and on her development (those worry books look great!).

    Looking forward to seeing the pre-Christmas round up.

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