The Essentials: Medela Swing Flex Electric Breast Pump.

Before having Rosie I hadn’t really even considered buying a breast pump. I naively expected that everything would come naturally to us both. But of course, it didn’t and I ended up in Boots at Meadowhall. So there we were, on the way home from the hospital, 4 days postpartum, scanning the aisles for a breast pump. On the advice from the countless support workers and midwives who had been guiding us, I ended up picking up the Medela Swing. I had been using the Medela Symphony in hospital so my attachments and bottles would all be compatible which saved a lot of hassle and expense. I used my painstakingly saved Boots points for my purchase and waddled back to the car..

I used the Medela Swing for 20 months before Influenster sent me the latest version, the Swing Flex to try. When the email dropped in my inbox I squeeled with excitement! The first thing I noticed was that they now include two different sized PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields so that you are able to achieve your perfect fit straight away. This means that not only is it much more comfortable, but there are no gaps for any milk to escape. This would be especially helpful in the early days when you are particularly engorged. Another exciting new feature is that the flexible fit allows you to even pump lying down! I haven’t tried this yet – its hard enough sitting for five minutes with a toddler yet alone lying down. 

The 2-Phase Expression® technology is probably my favourite part of the pump. It mimics the natural sucking rhythm which ensures optimal flow as well as making it easy to switch between pumping and feeding. It is also surprisingly comfortable to use. I must admit, I was terrified of the thought of using a breast pump. Especially at first, but I think that if it wasn’t for the white noise-esque humming of the motor, I doubt you would remember you were pumping. The ability to switch from battery power to mains also means that you are able to pump at home or on the go. I have pumped in many places, from trains to pubs and nobody has noticed.

I would highly recommend this pump and it is well worth the price. My original Swing is still working perfectly, despite being very well loved/thrown in to multiple handbags. I do wish there was a teat included, the original Swing came with a Calma teat which attached straight on to the collection bottle, which was great and one less thing to worry about. Especially if like me you were very unprepared. If you are unsure about which bottles to go for a predominantly breastfed baby, we had good success with both MAM easy start bottles and the Dr Browns bottles.

For context, due to issues with Rosie’s sucking reflex in the early days we fed her expressed milk from a small cup. For a while we introduced formula top ups to get on top of her weight loss. With a great deal of help we managed to exclusively breastfeed with the occasional bottle of expressed milk. Now that Rosie is nearly 2, I tend to express when I am away from Rosie overnight.

The Medela Swing Flex retails for £139.99 however I found it online at John Lewis for £93.32:

[price correct as of August 10th 2020)



I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, however all views are my own and the result of vigorous testing. I was not required to post a review on my blog. I purchased my original Medela Swing from Boots in 2018.


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