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I have a massive sweet tooth. Huge actually. Since lockdown I have been ordering different treat boxes in the name of *ahem* research. I ordered a box of traybake slices from a bakery in Glasgow when my sister moved in to her new flat, I ordered Dan a variety of pick and mix sweets for his birthday and I ordered some Project Doughnut doughnuts (which I have reviewed previously) for a rainy afternoon treat. It felt only right that I should give some cookies a try too.

I first tried the Cooks cookies at Traxx Market back in October – as soon as I spotted them I rushed over and bought a box. When restrictions lifted and the market reopened I nipped across to grab a box. I say that as if it was a spontaneous decision, it wasn’t, as soon as I knew they were going to be there, I added them to my shopping list. You can see my selection below – I must add that I think that the cellophane wrapping is a measure for Covid19 as they weren’t sealed when I purchased last. Although not the most environmentally friendly option, it meant that the cookies stayed fresher much longer than expected and obviously is a way to keep everyone as safe as possible in the current climate.

The Cooks Cookies currently offer 21 flavours – with many more in the pipeline. It was tricky to whittle down my selection to the final 6 but in the end I went for the following.

Lotus: Topped with crumbled biscoff biscuits and stuffed with a mix of lotus spread and chocolate chips – a must try! I only had about a third of this one before Rosie caught me eating it and asked me to share, that is the only problem with teaching your toddler to share.

Red Velvet White Chocolate: I always forget about Red Velvet. Far more than simply a chocolate batter coloured red with food dye, it is usually moister and less sweet than traditional chocolate cake. I heated this one up slightly and it made it even tastier. It was slightly softer than the other cookies which made it taste just like a big slab of red velvet cake.

Milkybar: My absolute favourite. I think I will have to get 2 (or 3) of these next time. I think it is safe to say that this is the perfect cookie. I am a fan of experimental cookie flavours but deep down I think that the classics are the best. Like all of The Cooks Cookies I tried it was the perfect mix of doughy inside but crunchy on the outside.

Caramac: A highly underrated chocolate bar, I remember about 10 years ago when you couldn’t get hold of them anywhere and my dad found a stash in a service station and brought them home for me. Such a nostalgic treat. The caramelised flavour of the chocolate goes perfectly with the golden crunch of the cookie without being too sickly.

Reeses: I picked up this one for Dan as he and Rosie are complete peanut butter fiends. I didn’t get chance to try it but he assures me it was amazing and would absolutely have it again. I just need to make sure I am around when he eats it.

Kinder: I am probably the only millennial that really dislikes Nutella. I love a white chocolate Bueno but that is as far as my tolerance for hazelnuts goes. I am not even a fan of Fererro Rocher. So to see a Kinder based cookie that wasn’t packed full of Nutella was a real winner. 

Keen to learn more about the brand, I reached out to Rhiann, the cofounder of The Cooks Cookies on Instagram. Rhiann started The Cooks Cookies back during the first lockdown whilst on maternity leave from her job as a dental nurse (surely the perfect job for a self confessed sweet tooth) alongside her father in law. It was her father in law’s expertise in the culinary world coupled with his desire to recreate the NYC style cookies that he had had on his travels that started the quest for the perfect cookie. Of course, what better way to ensure that you have a constant supply of fresh cookies than to set up a business centred around them.
After perfecting their recipe, they (thankfully) decided to share their cookies with the world, starting off through social media and word of mouth, before expanding to local artisan markets as their reputation grew. I was lucky enough to stumble across The Cooks Cookies at our local market but if you aren’t local to South Yorkshire, you can now order a box of freshly baked cookies delivered to your door. One thing that I am thankful to lockdown for is the ability to have the postman bring all manner of treats direct to your house. 
Despite her father in law being made redundant and having to take a step back from baking, Rhiann didn’t give up, and powered by her new found passion for baking and the great feedback she has been receiving, she grabbed the opportunity with both hands and carried on. I really think this is just the beginning of The Cooks Cookies.

One of the main things I like about the way The Cooks Cookies boxes are set up is that you get to pick all 6 of your cookies flavours.- you can go for 6 of the same or 6 completely different ones which is perfect for someone like me who Is terribly indecisive. If you fancy trying a box of super sized, American style, fully loaded cookies you can order online for UK delivery or keep an eye out for them at food markets across South Yorkshire.

Cookies are £12 for 6 and national delivery is £4.99 – although if you are local, they offer free drop offs every other Saturday. I am already thinking about which flavours I am going to pick for my next box. 

Let me know your favourite cookie flavour in the comments.

*The cookies were purchased by myself. All of my views are 100% honest as usual. *

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  • Timmy

    I remember you talking about these the last time we went to the market (I think you may have even bought one!) and this is absolute torture to read first thing in the morning with no access to any cookies.

    You have really sold me with the Milkybar, soft on the inside and tough on outside – exactly how I like them. I will never understand how anyone cannot like hazelnut but I still love you.


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