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A while back I saw on Rebecca from northyorkshiremama ( share that she had put some photographs behind the pieces of one of her little boy’s peg puzzles. As they are a similar age, I made a mental note to try it for Rosie but then life got in the way and I completely forgot. 

I was having a browse in our local charity shop and spotted the Melissa and Doug Latches Board, in perfect condition for £2. I had been looking at similar busy boards previously but thought they may have been too grown up for Rosie, especially as they advertise being suitable for 3+. With it being such a bargain, I grabbed it, paid and expected to pop it away until Rosie was a bit bigger. 


That was until we nipped out and Rosie was a complete terror, in my efforts to appease her I brought out the puzzle, gave it a once over with an antibac wipe and handed it over. She loved it. Absolutely loved it. The puzzle combines so many things that Rosie is interested in – colours, numbers and seeing how things work.


I had some photographs of Rosie with family and friends that were left over from when she started nursery. I gauged the size by using the door of the picture as a template, drew around with pencil and cut it out. I had some glue dots handy so I used those to make sure that the photographs were stuck down but they are wedged in pretty well that this probably wasn’t necessary.

I made this for Rosie in the Summer, just before she turned 2 and she still plays with it most days. We ask where certain people are, who is behind the numbered doors and she is even getting really good at opening the latches – apart from that tricky number 5.

This change only took me a couple of minutes and has brought so much fun. Rosie has a couple of animal puzzles that she is a pro at now, so I think I might add the name of the animal on the board to prolong their appeal.

Have you tried this before? I would love to see any puzzles that you create.

If you want to try it with the Melissa and Doug Latch board, it can be found on Amazon for £17.99 however I would highly recommend a search of your local charity shop when they reopen.

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