My current evening skincare routine.

When I am feeling under the weather my skincare is one of the first things to slip. I stop indulging in a multi step regime and focus on the bare essentials. I absolutely cannot sleep with makeup on which is a blessing in disguise at it forces me to at least take it off. but apart from that it really is the absolute minimum.

The products I am currently using focus on getting the most efficacy with minimum effort. There are a few steps in my routine that are still missing – mainly a retinol and vitamin c, so if you have any recommendations then please let me know.

Of course it goes without saying that these products are ones that I have found that work for me. For reference my skin is pretty normal, however I am prone to dryness and congestion. I don’t often get spots and if I do they are the annoying small whiteheads that are quite sore. My skin can also be quite sensitive and I have had some pretty awful allergic reactions over the years.

Cleanser: Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm.

Elemis skincare is absolutely divine and I think their original cleansing balm is one of my holy grail skincare products. When it came to repurchasing I opted for the supersize Rose edition as it was on offer and it is a really great cleanser. Ideally I would use something else to remove my makeup and then use this to cleanse my skin but in all honesty 90% of the time I just use this for both steps as it is the quickest and easiest option.

Acid Toner: Clinique Clarifying Lotion Mild

This has since been slightly changed and revamped as the Clarifying Lotion 1.0 but I managed to stockpile quite a few bottles of the original before it disappeared from the shelves. I have used this since I started working in cosmetics 10 years ago and I will be devastated when I finally run out. Unlike the other clarifying lotions it is completely alcohol free and has a much silkier texture. It contains salyclylic acid at 0.5% which I don’t find to dry my skin out and unlike a couple of other acid toners I have tried, my skin hasn’t reacted adversely.

Hydrating Toner: The Body Shop Mandarin Energising Mist.

This is a case of using a product up that I won’t repurchase. It isn’t necessarily a bad product, I just think there are better out there. I am not a fan of the scent and I am dubious on how energising a fine mist could be to the skin.

Serum: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid mixed with The Ordinary Niacinamide powder.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the texture of this serum used on its own and I will probably try a different Hyaluronic Acid when it runs out. When mixed with the Niacinamide it is much silkier, doesn’t feel tacky and has the added benefits of helping to even out uneven texture. I find that it helps to keep on top of any hormonal blemishes and scarring.

Moisturiser: Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins

One of the latest additions to my routine, I have tried to increase the acids in my routine to counteract the days where I completely neglect my skin. Combining vitamins with AHAs (Lactic, Tartatic and Salycylic Acids) it sloughs off dead skin and tackles dullness. It smells amazing and I love the tube packaging of the travel size that I have.

Eye Cream: Murad Renewing Eye Cream

Like most mums I very rarely get a good night sleep and as a result, look permamently tired. Dark circles, dryness and irritation from rubbing my eyes are my main concerns and I do tend to prefer a cream-balm texture. I have only just started using this sample size but I must admit that I am impressed – it glides on to the skin but deeply nourishes. 

Lip Balm:  Elemis Lip Revive

Unfortunately I think Elemis have stopped selling their Lip Revive which is a shame as it is a non sticky, petroleum free, cream texture that I haven’t found in other balms. I also love the love the addition of mint (Japanese Wild Mint and Peppermint to be precise) as it reminds me of living with my friends and us swooning over the La Mer lip balm.

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  • Timmy

    It is cruel of Elemis to discontinue this lipbalm now that we both love it, it is such a gorgeous lip balm before bed and I have had to start using another during the day so I don’t run out so quickly!

    Elemis are probably my favourite skincare brand of the moment, almost everything I use is theirs these days (I have three different Elemis cleansers in the bathroom at the moment!). How are you finding their oil, still getting on with it?

    Will be keeping an eagle eye on this post for Vit C and retinol recs, I do really like the Lumene Vit C serum (the one in the bright orange bottle) but it feels pricey for what it is!

    • Sophie

      Still enjoying the superfood oil. I have a couple others to get through before I make a decision on whether to repurchase but it gets a thumbs up from me. The problem with a pricey vit c is that it just goes off so quickly so you need to be so consistent with it. x

  • Cristina Rosano

    I tried too the body shop mist and to be honest I am just using it finish it, but didn’t find it that energising on my skin, I just like the smell of it!
    I never tried Elemis but always heard good things so I might give this a chance when I run out of my current skincare! The sound of that eye cream sounds like a much-needed buy. Thanks for sharing x

    • Sophie

      Elemis is probably the brand I would pick if I could only ever use one brand.
      I agree about the mist, it is just a nice fragrance rather than doing anything groundbreaking X

    • Sophie

      Thank you 🙂 That means alot.
      I have just picked the Murad Retinol Eye Serum to try – I haven’t been disappointed with any of their products so far!

      Sophie X

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