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What I have been loving lately: March Favourites 2021.

Another month down and a whole year since Lockdown began. This month I binge watched a lot of television, pared back my makeup to the bare essentials and ate a whole lot of almond chocolate. Take a peek at my 6 favourites for the month of March.

March Favourites

The Circle and Celebrity Circle for Stand Up to Cancer.

Whenever The Circle graces our screens I am hit with a wave of emotions, the first season aired whilst Rosie was a tiny newborn and I was at the depths of post natal depression, recovering at my parents. The Circle was one of our daily rituals and I have watched it ever since. The latest offering has been completely different to the past – they are aware of and actively hunting out the catfishes, a huge step from Kate’s (or should we say Alex?) victory in the first season. Season three was a slow burner, especially after the brilliant Stand Up To Cancer Celebrity edition but has came in to it’s own in the last week. Although I am really wanted Harush / Uncle Syed to win I was more than pleased to see Natalya take the crown.
If you could bottle the scent of the warm sea air as you stand cliffside on the British coast, this would be it. More reminiscent of a holiday in Cornwall than the Greek Islands it is refereshing to find a holiday fragrance that isn’t loaded with coconut and vanilla. Wood Sage and Sea Salt has been one of my signature scents for the past 5 or so years. My only gripe is that it doesn’t last on the skin which is a problem I unfortunately have with all Jo Malone scents. It is considered a unisex fragrance but I can’t quite bring myself to share even a single spray with Dan. 
It is always the best products that get discontinued isn’t it? I didn’t even have any idea that it had been discontinued until I came to link it for this post. It is such a classic, dare I say basic palette that whenever I pull it back out of my stash, I wonder why I ever stopped using it. I have never really used the black but then again I never really use a straight black eyeshadow on myself.  
I have been using a combination of Foxy and W.O.S on my lid and Naked 2 through my brows to add both colour and definition. Faint is a really handy shade for adding depth or as a soft  liner. Venus is a subtle highlight but also swept over the lower, it instantly brightens the eyes. It is such a shame that Naked Basics has been discontinued but Naked Basics 2 is a close match.
naked basics

M&Ms Chocolate Bars.

Despite usually being firmly on Team Cadburys, I have made a space for these in the cupboard. I first discovered them through a selection of M&Ms treats that were sent through from Influenster and have repurchased them quite a few times since – our current favourites are the original Chocolate and the Almond. Being manufactured by Mars, the chocolate itself is (I presume) Galaxy and the mini chocolate M&Ms and chopped almonds just make it that bit better. The almond seems to be out of stock everywhere at the moment but they are usually about £1.35 on Amazon and £2/2 for £3 at Asda.


 One of my favourite Spring flowers are daffodils and not only are they blooming in abundance along the paths and parkways, but you can also pick up a bunch with your weekly shop for just £1. I have been using a small glass milk bottle to display them on the windowsill – I think I originally bought them to serve cocktails in but they are an ideal size for small bunches or posies of flowers, I think that Sweet Peas especially would look brilliant.

Goals planner.

I still have my traditional diary – I would be lost without it but last year, after wasting half of my diary with zero plans in lockdown, I picked up an undated monthly diary whilst shopping in Typo. I tried to find this years edition online but it may be one that they have in store, its the Small Undated Monthly Planner and was a bargain at £3.50. I don’t use it for my day to day appointments, birthdays and tasks but instead I use it for my slightly longer term goals and to do lists. I have a tracker for my Depop sales so I can see how much (less fees and costs) that I have made from decluttering my makeup kit and wardrobe. I have a page of working blog ideas, some blogging goals that I set for this year and overall, birthday ideas that I note down throughout the year for Rosie and a rolling house renovations to do list. 

What have you been loving lately?

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  • Timmy

    Ooh I really like the idea of using a goal planner to track Depop cash, it is easy to think of it as £10 here and £20 there but so useful to have the full sum written out in front of you (especially when you cannot be bothered to load up any new items!).

    I want you to try out the Eden perfume version of the JM, I shall be doing an order in the next few weeks so may get one for you to try – it is supposed to smell exactly the same, is 1/4 cost, vegan and we will find out if longer lasting.

    These monthly favourites are always a good read and I look forward to April x

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