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Celebrating Galentine’s Day in Lockdown 3.0

“What's Galentine’s Day? It's only the best day of the year!                     "Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”                  

- Leslie Knopes, Parks and Recreation.

First hitting the calendar in 2010, Galentine’s is all about celebrating the women in your life. Single or not, this day is all about empowering, supporting and drinking fizz with your best friends. Falling today, the day before Valentine’s day (in case you have forgotten) we will be spending this year separately, in our own homes due to lockdown. Although there will be no leisurely brunches this year, I am sure we will more than make up for it when we are allowed out again.

I have put together a parcel that I popped in in the post for my bestie, Rosie’s affectionately named Auntie Timmy whose gorgeous face you can see in the photo above. The great thing about curating your own treat box is that you can include exactly what you want, rather than it being a one size fits all from Etsy (as there is always one item at least in the box that you are not keen on.)

I tried to make a personalised mug but we haven’t quite mastered the art of drawing with ceramic pens without them wiping straight off again. We are both fans of a fancy hot chocolate so I included a tin of BOB 40% hot chocolate and a bag of Dandies vegan marshmallows which I found in the new Vegan aisle of my local Asda. On the subject of sugary goodness, did you know that Rowntrees Jelly Tots and Fruit Pastilles are now suitable for vegans? So of course a couple of bags went in too! 
In Parks and Rec Leslie writes 5000 words essays on why she loves her friends and although I could quite easily do the same, Timmy is not one for overt soppiness so I limited my appreciative words to a card that I picked up from Thortful. I tend to purchase most of my cards there as they are a sort of marketplace for lots of independent designers (plus I have a 30% off code that you can use.) I also included a card that Rosie had made that resulted in my living room being covered in various colours of glitter.

Back when we lived together in York, Timmy had a mint chocolate chip Bath and Bodyworks candle which we were never allowed to burn as it is such a pain to get hold of the UK, but we would occasionally just sit and smell it. I saw that Yankee do a Candy Cane Forest candle which is the nearest I could find on my essential trip to the supermarket. (Although Harpers Candles do an amazing mint chocolate chip candle but I think it may have been limited edition)

In keeping with the crocheted pens that Leslie included in her gift bags I finally finished a crochet project. The pattern I used is the Lottie and Albert Rainbow blanket and I made it up with Paintbox Yarns Simply DK. It is super chunky, squishy and is a really great lap blanket, not a bad result for the first pattern I have ever followed! I honestly think that I will be making these for all upcoming birthdays as they are a pretty speedy make and I just love the huge pom poms on the edges. This is it folded up twice and it still took up most of the box.

Finally it wouldn’t be a parcel to Timmy without a bunch of beauty products. I have been furiously depoping my excess stash after she peer pressured me in to it (which I am of course, very thankful for) and she has had first refusal on my uploads. I also popped in a few extras and a couple of bits for her lovely Mumsie as she definitely deserves a treat too. 

I am so completely lucky to have a best friend like Timmy and I won’t go in to the hundreds of reasons why here but she is honestly one of my biggest cheerleaders, the person I can talk to about everything and one of the few people I would trust with my (and Rosie’s) life. We love you Timmy and I hope we can see you again very soon.

First-Time Mama to Rosie - MUA / Retail Manager - Fuelled by Coffee and Concealer - Dairy Free - Weaning Toddler - Extended Breastfeeding.


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