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What we have bought Rosie for Christmas: Stocking Fillers.

rosie stocking

This is the first year that Rosie has been really aware of Christmas, she loved decorating our tree, has written her letter to Father Christmas and is eagerly waiting for his visit. We are lucky as she is still young (she turned 3 in September) and hasn’t asked for much.  We have decided that Father Christmas will bring her stocking and one special present. Not something that is the most expensive or biggest, but something that she really wants and has asked for – this year that is a set of Bluey figures that we know she will play with loads. 

I haven’t completely finished her stocking, she needs the customary satsuma at the bottom as well as some chocolate coins and some stickers which I will retrieve from my rainy day stash. I find it so hard to be restrained and not go overboard because like all parents, you just love seeing your little one happy. These are the bits that I have wrapped up ready to put in her stocking.

Finger Paints

We don’t do too much messy painting at home but now that Rosie is a bit bigger and more interested in making shapes and letters, I thought some finger paints might be a nice change from our usual brushes and sponges. These were only £1 in Wilkos which I thought was great value.

Butterfly templates

To use with the finger paints, I am hoping to introduce pattern matching and symmetry with these as well as creating some unique patterns of our own. I tend to buy things like this all year round and stash them away for days when we are home and I need.

Christmas Socks – Asda.

These were only £1 in Asda and although they are quite festive, Rosie will happily wear them all year round (we are 100% a family who wears Christmas Pjs throughout the year too). These ones were in the boys section.

Squeezy Sand.

I originally wanted to get Rosie some Kinetic Sand, but as the present ideas stacked up, I thought it was best to go for a single packet that we can play with on her tuff tray. Squeezy sand is designed to be fully mouldable but then returns to it’s original form. 

TY Toys Beanie Boos Gertie Giraffe

One of the most random things that Rosie added to her letter to Father Christmas was a cuddly giraffe, I am not sure what made her think of it but luckily I had picked up this Beanie Boo from Boots before I stopped working there and put it in my present box. I think it was about £5 and one of those ridiculous things that I picked up on a shift where I felt guilty for working so late. 

Milkshake Straws.

39p from B&M and they turn regular milk in to chocolate milk. Not something that we have everyday but will be a little treat over Christmas and New Year.

Do you do stockings on Christmas morning? If so, what have you packed them with? 

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  • Timmy

    Arguably I think the stockings are the best bit of the whole day, I used to love that it would be filled with (mostly) chocolate, little bits and bobs and usually a book to enjoy over the festive period.

    Wonderful to see that you managed to fill it with well thought out items that she will use and wouldn’t be too overwhelming for a tiny human (especially as I imagine Drew went bananas with gifts!).

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