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My previous instalment of What I Have Been Watching Recently is to this day one of my most read blogposts – it seems I am not the only one that is curious as to what trashy tv people fill there evenings with. I tend to have a few programmes on the go at once, something lighthearted, something true crime-esque, something funny etc) so I can pick depending on my mood. I am still 100% a series lover rather than films although I am finding it SO hard waiting a week in between episodes.

Sex and the City. (Now TV Entertainment)

When the news broke that Carrie and Co. would be gracing our screens once more, in the Sex and the City revival – And Just Like That, I knew it was time to head back to the beginning and rewatch in preparation.  I am currently on season 3 and as I know the storylines inside out and know what to expect, it has been the perfect background watch when I have very little focus. Each episode is about 20 minutes long which is ideal for when I am rushing about getting ready for work. Tune in for dating dilemas, throwback fashion and lots (and lots) of sex.

Gogglebox (All 4, Netflix)

On paper it is such a bizarre concept – a complete no starter but somehow it works. Spending your Friday evening watching other families watching television is a unique format but 18 seasons later we are still tuning to catch their reactions to the week’s programmes. Through Gogglebox I have discovered quite a few shows that I wouldn’t have otherwise watched such as Killing Eve. I don’t rate the Celebrity version quite as highly, it seems more forced and less real.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK. (BBC iPlayer)

Over the years I have watched every single episode of Ru Paul’s various shows so I was thrilled when the show finally crossed the pond and hit the UK. Now in it’s 3rd season, we are hurtling towards the finale where Kitty Scott Claus, Krystal Versace, Vanity Milan and Ella Vaday are competing for the crown. The best episode in my opinion is always Snatch Game – a take on the popular gameshow Blankety Blank (known as Match Game in the US) I am still not sure who I want to win and it is not a patch on the very first UK season but it is worth a watch regardless.

Dexter New Blood. (Now TV entertainment)

Another old favourite that has been revived is Dexter. 10 years after the show’s finale, Dexter is back under a new identity as shop worker Jim Lindsey in Iron Lake, NY. We are introduced to Dexter’s new life, law enforcement girlfriend and the surprise reappearance of son Harrison. Shortly before Harrison arrived, Dexter killed for the first time in a decade and has since been trying to cover his tracks and redirect any suspicion. We are only on episode  but I am already fully invested all over again.

Strictly Come Dancing (BBC iPlayer)

On recommendation of my best chum I have been enthusiastically watching Strictly every single week (very rarely as it airs but I always catch up). Rosie loves watching the dancing and I have been hooked on the whole premise. The costumes are amazing and the makeup team have arguably one of the best jobs in showbiz. Six couples remain in the competition with Rose and Giovanni seeming to be the favourites to win. 

What have you been watching lately? I am always looking for new programmes to watch, especially as it gets colder.

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  • Timmy

    Oh I am so, so tempted to start Sex & the City once more, even though the films were an utter disaster and I shall sorely miss Samantha I think they will do well with the new show. You are tempting me even more and I might get a NowTV trial to see how I go.. probably a good one for those cold January evenings.

    I am overjoyed at your Strictly watching, it is one of those shows that you don’t really believe the hype about but so quickly get swept up in the glitz and the partnerships. It is truly a highlight of my Autumn and I look forward to it each year. Still praying to the gods that Rhys makes it to the final but agree that it is definitely Rose’s to win.

    I have been trying to read more in the evenings and not mindlessly watch TV from the minute I finish work until I go to bed (a work in progress!) but I enjoyed Vigil and Ridley Road on the BBC, Ridley Road I could only watch one episode per evening as it made me so anxious. Vampire Diaries is a show I have gone back to as an easy watch and I never finished it so want to see what actually happens in the end – although a lot of the earlier seasons have such problematic themes that I sometimes go a while without watching.

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