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What I have been watching lately.

I am 100% the binge a whole season in a weekend kind of person. I really struggle to remember to watch at the same time every week and then have the storyline spoiled on my Twitter feed. I also have zero patience for storylines drawn out for months and will likely get bored and give up. 

These are the programmes that I have watched lately that I would recommend. 

Tiny Pretty Things (Netflix)

I hadn’t seen any reviews of this but it popped up on my recommendations and I thought I would give it a go. If you liked Pretty Little Liars then you will most likely be a fan of TPT too. They have quite a few similarities, mainly the narrator being the focus of a whodunnit crime and the investigation that follows. If the thought of a show based on dance fills you with dread then I can confirm that it is less about the dancing and more about the complete and utter scandal that goes on behind the doors of the Archer School of Ballet. And there are PLENTY of scandals. But if you do like dancing, Dance Moms is a must see!


Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

A real slow starter, I tried to get into it a couple of times before abandoning it in favour of other shows. Over Christmas my sisters were raving about it in our WhatsApp group so I decided to give it a go and once I was past the first few episodes I was addicted. Rosie even recognised the titles when it came on and would say ‘No more creek Mummy!’ – Oops. Following the fall from grace (and riches) of the Rose family, it’s main draw falls down to the characters and how they develop as the seasons progress. Plus Moira has an incredible wig collection for someone who lives in a motel, something which must be seen to be believed.


S.W.A.T (Now TV – Entertainment)

So many of the crime dramas on Now TV start on at least season 4 and only have a couple of the them available. When I saw that the first 2 seasons of S.W.A.T were on (although I swear 3 were on there when I first looked) I thought I may as well give it a go. Shemar Moore plays main character Hondo and is as equally charming as he was when he played Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds. Not too gory and more of an action/drama than anything that needed thinking, it was perfect to watch in the evenings when I was crocheting.

Below Deck (Now TV – Hayu)
Below Deck is FINALLY getting the recognition it deserves. I started watching the original when Rosie was really little and I was spending hours upon hours sat on the sofa cluster feeding. The dramas have intensified over the seasons and the show has become more and more addictive. My only complaint is that as it is now being uploaded in real time, you have to wait a week between episodes. If I was ever to charter my own yacht, I think I have decided on the perfect crew. I would be happy on any of the boats, in any of the seasons – the unlimited food and drink in the sunshine and zero laundry sounds pretty perfect to me!

Captain – Captain Lee Rosbach (S1-8)                                                                                            Chief Stew – Kate Chastain (S2-7)                                                                                                    Second Stew – Aesha Scott (Med S4-5)                                                                                          Third Stew – Amy Johnson (S2-3)                                                                                                    Bosun – Eddie Lucas (S1-3, 8)                                                                                                  Deckhand – Kelley Johnson (S2-4)                                                                                                Deckhand – Colin Macy – O’Toole (Med 3-4)                                                                                 Deckhand – Connie Arias (S3)                                                                                                   Chef – Ben Robinson (S1-4, Med 1,4)      


I have a couple of programmes on my ‘to watch list’ that I am powering through. I have rediscovered House M.D (Amazon Prime) so that should keep me going for quite a while – nothing is more pleasing than having 8 seasons lined up. I think after that I may watch Greys Anatomy. Have you watched it? Are there any programmes you would recommend?

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  • Timmy

    Ooh yes, a post about TV shows! I used to *love* House, it is so clever and really holds that level of biting humour you would typically expect from a British tv show. I think maybe steer clear of Grey’s until Rosie is a bit older, they have quite a few heartbreaking episodes revolving around children and I would not recommend that to any young parent!

    We have such different tastes in shows so I will not recommend any of my scifi shows on you but there is a series I liked a few years ago called ‘For the People’ which has just been added to Prime. It’s a law firm based drama but some solid story lines and some great autumnal pant suits!

    • Sophie

      Yeah I can’t do anything that is sad involving children. You know how much of a wimp I am!
      The only problem with House is it then makes me think that I am medically qualified to diagnose myself with every ailment.

  • Sunshine Sarah

    Love this post! Always trying to find new things to watch lol 😊📺 Definitely a big fan of SWAT, have watched all the seasons and am currently waiting for it to come back! 😂

    You should try SEALTEAM ON Sky if you have it because it’s action packed and also stars David Boreanaz (Angel from Buffy!) So hello sexy! ✨😊🤗😍👀

    Also, 911 & Station 19 are both worth a watch if you can find them. Lots of cross overs between the two as well as Greys Anatomy as Grace Sloane is the hospital they use. (never watched Greys tho!) (on Sky)


    • Sophie

      I spend so long searching Netflix etc trying to figure out what to watch!
      Ooo I loved 911! And the Lone Star one I think its called. Cant wait for SWAT to return! And I will add Sealteam to my list, thank you for the suggestion 🙂

  • JoJo Hall

    Great post! I’m the same way when I watch tv shows, it’s hard to have a consistent schedule and when you have one it’s hard to keep watching if the show isn’t griping enough. But those shows are pretty awesome!

  • Katie

    I’ve been seeing Tiny Pretty Things around recently but I’ve never been sure about it, but since reading this, maybe I need to give it a watch! Thanks for sharing

    Katie |

  • Kelly

    Ooo I love the sound of Tiny Pretty Things. I’ve seen it pop up on Netflix a few times but was put off by the dancing, will definitely have to add this to my watchlist!

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