TopCashback Christmas Treats – Guide and Clues.

I first started using TopCashback whilst I was at University as a way to earn a little money back on my copious amounts of online shopping. I ended up collecting hundreds of pounds, money that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

As there is 1 week left of the TopCashback Christmas Treats event, I thought I would share the way to earn a bit of extra cash for free.

How Does TopCashback Work?

‘Every time you make a purchase via a link on TopCashback, the retailer is paid a small percentage as a commission which TopCashback then shares a proportion of with you.’ 

There is no minimum amount to release your money. You can be paid via BACs, Paypal or Amazon gift voucher. Other retailers have different minimum amounts but I haven’t seen anything over £1. There are no charges for the classic membership so you will be earning money back, completely free. You are automatically signed up for ‘Plus’ it seems so don’t forget to downgrade in the membership area in your first month if you don’t wish to be charged the annual fee.

Sign up here – by signing up via my link I receive a bonus when you have redeemed £10 worth of Cashback. This is currently £5.

Christmas Treats.

Periodically TopCashBack hold events where you can win spot prizes or entries in to the bigger cash prize draw. This event has 85 000 instant wins, with cash up to £100. There is also the main £1000 cash prize for one lucky winner. 

To take part look for Hummingbirds that will appear fluttering on the left hand part of the screen. Every hummingbird is an entry, with some having a festive surprise (as shown in the image above). So far I have only won 10p but even that is 10p I didn’t have before. Plus I am still holding out hopes for the big prize! I have listed all of the answers below, but also check out the trending feature to see some of the places where other hummingbirds may be hiding. For example I found a Candy Cane on the GHD page even though it isn’t one of the listed daily clues.

The Daily Clues.

I have collated all of the clues so far so that you can catch up and I will add to them as they are released. If you click on the retailer, the hyperlink will take you straight to the correct page.

7 Dec: I Saw It First – PDE (Prize Draw Entry)

8 Dec: Kiehls – PDE

9 Dec: Claire’s – Christmas Present 

10 Dec: FitFlop – PDE

11 Dec: Bloom and Wild – PDE

12 Dec: Kate Spade – Angel

13 Dec: Timberland – PDE

14 Dec: 20 Cogs – Snowman *INSTANT WIN 10p*

15 Dec: Urban Decay –  PDE

16 Dec: Scottish Power and Electricity – PDE

17 Dec: Miss Pap – PDE

18 Dec: Micheal Kors – PDE

19 Dec: YSL Beauty– PDE

20 Dec: Coast – PDE

21 Dec: Remitly – PDE

22 Dec: James Wellbeloved – PDE

23 Dec: Virgin Experience Days – PDE

24 Dec: Groupon – Snowflake

25 Dec: – PDE

26 Dec: – PDE

27 Dec: Karen Millen -PDE

28 Dec: Waggel Pet Insurance – PDE

I will update these daily until the competition finishes on the 29th December. You can start today and go back and claim the previous clues.

 This post is not sponsored or produced in collaboration with TopCashback. All views and opinions are my own. As mentioned previously I earn a bonus when you sign up via my link and earn £10.

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