Rediscovering Clarins Skincare.

I have spent the last couple of weeks investigating what the beauty halls have to offer. Not only looking at the newest launches and releases but going back and rediscovering products I have tried in the past and have then fallen off my radar.

Clarins is a brand that I am fairly familiar with; I worked on the adjoining counter when I was based in John Lewis York and would often pop around the corner and help the girls out when it was busy. I have tried various products over the years through their GWP offers and by having very generous friends in the business. A few of my favourites are the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors (featured in my April Favourites post), Blue Orchid Face Oil and the Tonic Body Oil, which I slathered on religiously when pregnant with Rosie. There have been some new launches as well as some complete category overhauls so I was excited to rediscover the brand.

We had a chat about how my skin behaves, my skin concerns as well as what kind of a routine I was looking for. I love an extensive skincare regime and the opportunity to pamper myself but I am realistic in the fact that by the end of the day I just want to get in to bed. I turned 30 in April and although I have no immediate concerns, there are a few niggles I would like to address and of course I want to preserve my skin as best I can. 

Total Cleansing Oil. Designed to remove makeup, impurities and SPF from the skin, this oil cleanser emulsifies to a soft milk. It removed every trace of makeup including mascara and eyeliner without much effort. Afterwards my skin felt soft but not greasy – there was no residue from the oil. I haven’t tried it on super heavy eye makeup and lashes because quite honestly, I am favouring the natural look more than ever. It hasn’t filled the void that the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel left in my routine but it gave it a good go.

Multi Active Night Cream What got me excited about this product is that it contains Golden poppy extract, which has been shown to protect the skin and reduce the signs of lack of sleep. Since she was born in September 2018 Rosie has slept through about 4 times so I am willing to try anything that makes me look like I have slept. Of course I can’t attest to it’s anti-aging properties after using it for a couple of nights but I can say that my skin felt nourished but with a lighter than expected texture – I am sure when I have used this in the past it was thicker.  

Multi Active Day Cream SPF 15 – I hit the big 3-0 in April and it is starting to show on my skin. I dont have lines and wrinkles but I do notice that the smile lines are taking longer to bounce back and the texture of my skin isn’t what it was a few years ago. Multi Active focuses on minimising the impact that daily stress has on the skin and visibly diminshes the first signs of ageing.  I 

Cleansing Micellar Water Brought out to replace the Water Comfort One Step Cleanser which was the first ‘face wipe in a bottle’ cleanser that I had tried, the online world hasn’t taken to kindly to this replacement. Ahead of its time when we were all using cleansing milks and bifacial eye makeup removers, this is a one step makeup remover and skin cleanser. I tried it on a full face of makeup and although it removed it with only slight effort. I would probably advice picking up the cleansing oil as I used so much more of the water when removing water and at £23 a bottle, it will work out pricey in the long term. I would most likely use this as a quick morning cleanse rather than to remove makeup.

Purifying Toning Lotion  Although the Soothing one would possibly be better suited to my skintype, we decided to give the Purifying Toning Lotion a try as I would be using it after a richer cleanser and I hate the feeling of oil on my skin. I love the scent of this one and found it wasn’t drying at all on my normal combination skin.

Soothing Gentle Foaming Cleanser I liked this one more than I thought that I would, perhaps not enough to purchase the full size as it isn’t really the formula of cleanser I prefer, but I will enjoy finishing this sample. It left my skin clean without being stripped and removed easily with a flannel. 

Clarins skincare is some of the most effective yet elegantly formulated on the market. I haven’t delved too much in to their makeup offerings but I have seen some very exciting new launches that are coming up in due course which have peaked my interest. Although not all of the products will be purchased full sized, I am sure that I will be popping a few of them in my basket on my next top up. 

(Post features complimentary samples which are available for anyone following a consultation with a Clarins Specialist)


Have you tried anything from Clarins? What would you recommend?

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  • Timmy

    Clarins is one of those brands that feels more luxe than it is, or should I say more luxe than the price point. I love that you get a chance to really sit down with the experts and have them talk you through everything and getting the minis without having to be upsold anything your first time is so helpful.

    I really like the sound of that Total Cleansing Oil, as much as I adore my Elemis cleanser I do have to go in with something afterwards as I can still feel the product on my skin.

    Heading in to our thirties will definitely see us move away from all the latest beauty launches and towards the skincare launches and I am excited for it!

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