Project Doughnut Review.

What better way to enjoy a box of doughnuts than in your pyjamas, without having to leave the house. One of the positives that has come out of the last 12 months is that during lockdown, so many great independent bakeries have diversified in to offering home delivery. I have a massive sweet tooth so this has been a real treat, although I am not sure whether my waistline would agree. 

 The first one I wanted to share is the Derbyshire based Project Doughnut.

I really wish the photograph showed how absolutely massive the doughnuts were. They are so huge that I would honestly recommend only eating half at a time which is not like me at all. I have been following Project D on Instagram for a while, signed up to their email database and even applied (unsuccessfully) to be a doughnut tester. When I saw their Black Friday offer of a box of 4 for £7.70, I couldn’t resist.

I went for the Adios 2020 box but there were a choice of 4 different themed boxes, one of which was vegan – very impressive! I have added the details of the doughnuts I picked below as they describe them so much more eloquently than I could.

ADIOS 2020! 

TOP LEFT – HASTA LA VISTA – Dipped in milk chocolate, covered in Oreo crumb and topped with a salted caramel drizzle, salted caramel frosting and a golden Oreo! This is the perfect way to say ‘Hasta la vista’ to your doughnut craving!

TOP RIGHT – BYE BYE BUENO – Our signature puddle doughnut dipped in a white chocolate glaze, covered in bourbon crumb and a white chocolate drizzle then centre filled with a white chocolate white chocolate hazelnut spread and topped with two pieces of Kinder Bueno!

BOTTOM LEFT – FELIZ NAVI DAD – Dipped in vanilla fudge and topped with caramel curls, Christmas sprinkles and a mountain on vanilla frosting. It really will have you wishing Christmas was every day!

BOTTOM RIGHT – SENIOR CHURRO – Now this ring is rolled in the perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar, then topped with a ring of chocolate frosting and drizzled in Nutella and white chocolate! This bad boy will put any churro to shame.

BYE BYE BUENO was the one that grabbed my attention first. Anything that features a white chocolate Bueno is an instant winner for me but I had never discovered the white chocolate hazelnut sauce before. Wow. Wow x100.

Because I am indecisive I had half of a BYE BYE BUENO and half of SENIOR CHURRO – which is surely the best Saturday morning breakfast! With a bit of each cut off for Rosie of course. The only thing with the SENIOR CHURRO is that I wish it was a bit, crispy? Like a churro? If that makes sense. It tasted amazing but was just missing that bit of crunch. I would 100% have them again, so much so I have another delivery coming in a couple of weeks. 

Unfortunately I am too kind for my own good and offered to share the box with Dan. Of course I picked my two first but that did mean that I had to hand over HASTA LA VISTA and FELIZ NAVI DAD. At the time of writing he has eaten HASTA LA VISTA and given it top marks – rare for the man who rarely eats anything sweet. FELIZ NAVI DAD is still in the box, although if he doesn’t eat it soon then I will.

What struck me most about the doughnuts was that even though they are loaded with toppings, they aren’t sickly. You don’t feel really grotty afterwards which is a massive bonus – nobody likes doughnut regret! They are light and fluffy in comparison to the super filled brioche doughnuts I am more used to eating. They also look incredible, they would make an absolutely amazing birthday cake if you ordered a couple of boxes and stacked them up.

Project Doughnut have loads of pop ups in the Midlands and deliver in the surrounding areas. They have a handy postcode checker so you can see when they will be delivering in your area. The doughnuts are also always super fresh. From what I can see the flavours change regularly so if you see one that you like the look of, don’t hang around.

Have you tried anything from Project Doughnut before? What would your dream doughnut be?

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