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Our Christmas Book collection (Toddler/Board Books)

I have loved books since being tiny and ever since finding out we were expecting Rosie, I was excited to read books with her. We are very lucky that we have a huge collection of books (thanks to a very kind Auntie Timmy and my charity shop addiction) so I store seasonal books away when not being used. We are still very much in the board book stage as Rosie is not only incredibly independent but also very heavy handed. These are a selection of our favourites that I would recommend that you add to your Christmas book collection.

Dear Santa – Rod Campbell: I absolutely loved ‘Dear Zoo’ as a child, and ‘Dear Santa’ is just as popular. Following the same premise, the child has written to Santa asking for a special present, only to be sent a series of presents that aren’t quite right. My only issue is the end gift is a cat, which Rosie will absolutely not be getting for Christmas haha!

What does Penguin like: Each page of this book starts with an open question eg. ‘How does Penguin like to stay warm?’ There are then two (incorrect) options followed by the correct one on the opposite page. I have found that we spend ages chatting about the questions and all of the possible answers, so it is a great one to encourage imagination. Plus there are lots of tactile feely patches throughout which Rosie loves.

That’s not my Santa / Elf / Angel / Donkey – Fiona Watt: I am sure that every family has at least one of these bestselling Usborne books in their collection! That’s not my Mermaid was the first book Rosie showed interest in so it was natural that we added a few Christmas editions. Easy to read and full of textures to touch, Rosie has memorised most of these and enjoys ‘reading’ them out loud.

Father Christmas – Laura Dollin: One of our newest additions, this tells the story of Father Christmas’s routine on Christmas Eve, finishing with him getting in to bed once all of the presents have been delivered.

Reindeer of the Year – Rosie Greening: A cheerful rhyme filled book which tells the story of Santa’s annual contest to find the ‘Reindeer of the Year’ Silly and jolly, Rosie loves swiping her hand across the two way sequins so that they change colour.

Santa’s Noisy Night– Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes: Unfortunately as a result of an enthusiastic two year old, the pop up parts are looking a bit worse for wear. Telling the story of a very excited, singing, laughing Father Christmas who has to be reminded many times that he must not wake the children, it is a really happy, feel good read. 

Christmas Magic – Bookoli: Full of tabs to pull, wheels to spin and a Christmas tree that pops up, this book really captures Rosie’s attention. She particularly likes the part where Father Christmas is in his pants and you pull the slider to get him dressed. A very short story in the form of a rhyme, this one is great for independent reading.

Little Lost Penguin– Melanie Joyce: A really beautiful story about a little penguin who hatched out of his egg and entered the big wide world. After meeting lots of animals and becoming quite scared, Little Penguin returned back to his eggshell and hid, soon to be woken by his Mummy who had been looking for him. 

 All of these books have been purchased from charity shops over the past couple of years, if I see one that I know Rosie would like and it is one we don’t have, I pick it up. Even if it is the middle of summer. The products are linked to Amazon, simply as it was the simplest way but I would always encourage a scour of the charity shops or having a look at your local library. All of my links are non affiliate.

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  • Timmy

    Can always rely on Auntie Timmy for a book!
    Love the look of this selection and you are a great bargain hunter in charity shops, Little Lost Penguin sounds so sweet x

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