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Looking ahead to 2022 and why I am not making unrealistic goals anymore.

Every single year I start out with a list as long as my arm of things that I want to change about myself. my life and my finances. This year I am taking the pressure off myself and going for a little more gentle approach. Of course there are things that I would love to achieve and I will instead work on small ways to get there. 2022 is all about progress and not perfection. These are my goals for 2022.


Financial Goals.

1. Earn £50 extra per month. We are due to remortgage our house at the end of Summer as our fixed term comes to an end and I would love it if we could drop down in to the next percentage bracket in order to get the best deal possible. To do this we would need to pay off an extra £50 a month which I am hoping to side hustle through selling off unloved clothes and beauty products and tracking it on my 1% tracker. 

2. Stop buying lunches. It is such a bad habit but when I am at work I find it too much hassle to get up earlier and make lunch, I am going to try to be more prepared in the evening and if not, I always have a stash of soup, crackers and crumpets at work.


Family/Home Goals.

1. Declutter and sell things that we no longer need. Living in a terraced house means that space is tight and we are bursting at the seams! I am going to post about how I have sold our bits and bobs as and when I get through them so look out for some decluttering content over the coming months.

2. Spend more time outside. We do not take enough advantage of our national trust membership and this year I want to change that. Rosie loves being oustide and running in the woods, looking for animals but sometimes it just seems like a huge effort when in reality it is the best way to spend an afternoon. We live in such a beautiful part of the country that we really should be exploring it more.

.3. Take Rosie on a plane. My little sister moved to Luxembourg last year and with restrictions, new jobs and the financial hit of starting 2 new jobs in the space of 6 months, we haven’t managed to visit. This year (hopefully in late Spring) we will make it over.

Blog Goals.

1. Have a profitable blog. I would love to earn a little bit of income from my blog in 2022. At the moment I just do it for the love but if I could recoup my hosting etc expenses this year, that would be incredible. I am not aiming for thousands or to even cover my (many) hours behind the computer but if I could cover my SiteGround hosting each it is a step in the right direction.

2. Put myself out there more. Take photos of my face and upload them (starting with the one on this post), no matter how scary it seems at the time. It is a strange one as I am happy going out without makeup on but when it comes to having my photo taken, even if I have done my hair and makeup, I completely panic.

3. Blog consistently. I am currently thinking 2 x a week is a good medium – especially Mondays and Fridays as it gives me chance to catch up in between. I tried to do both Blogtober and Blogmas but due to numerous factors, didn’t see them through. Instead of looking at it as a failure, I am trying to see it as a chance to grow and do better next time. 

Personal Goals.

  1. Move more. I want to try and close my activity rings on my watch everyday which involves 30minutes excercise, I know this won’t happen everyday (like today when I barely moved from the sofa) but if I can do it for the majority of the week I am sure it will become easier in time.

2. Eat better. I am not thinkingin terms of weight loss or no takeaways but instead I want to eat more meals as a family, doing our food shops in advance rather than nipping to Tesco Express on the way home from work and try and get Rosie helping out in the kitchen.

I would love to hear your goals and how you plan on hitting them. 

First-Time Mama to Rosie - MUA / Retail Manager - Fuelled by Coffee and Concealer - Dairy Free - Weaning Toddler - Extended Breastfeeding.

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  • Timmy

    Love seeing financial goals right at the top, it is so important (especially as women) to get a real hold on these and to have goals that are realistic and that can make a difference. Moving brackets in the mortgage is no joke and makes a massive difference so I wish you all the luck with that.

    It has been wonderful to see your blog grow (and read other comments from people) and it is something you clearly enjoy so I look forward to seeing you continue to work on it – and more of your lovely face – for 2022!

    Side note: I borrowed Bernie’s old AppleWatch a while ago and found myself getting obsessed with the rings and it so doesn’t work with my OCD and anxious nature so please be kind to yourself with that one x

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