Learning how to weave with TheCraftingKindUK.

I have been following Kathryn on Instagram for quite a while now and always swoon over her letterbox craft kits. I have a huge amount of crafting ‘stuff’ but can never resist adding to the collection. Weaving is something I have been keen to learn for ages, so I ordered straight away on launch night. As soon as the box dropped through my letterbox I was desperate to get started but of course mum life comes first and I had to wait until Rosie had gone to bed before cracking on. I then spent the next couple of hours crafting away when I should have really of been getting an early night. I never learn and continue to craft in to the small hours.

The kit comes with everything you need to create a woven wall hanging in either a pink, natural or emerald green colour scheme. I chose the pink and planned on making it for Rosie’s bedroom but I am tempted to keep for myself so we will have to wait and see. 

You get enough fibre to create your piece – including some merino roving, macrame cord, macrame rope, wool fibres and yarn as well as the loom itself, warp thread to create your base, needle to thread through the warp and the comb to condense the fibres down. 

The reason I was so drawn to weaving was that you can really use up any small pieces of yarn from crochet projects so it is a great way of stashbusting. I have created a second wall hanging in pastel rainbow colours that I had left over from the Lottie and Albert Rainbow Blanket I have been working on since I finished the bright version that I featured in my Celebrating Galentine’s Day in Lockdown 3.0 blogpost. I am already on the hunt for some more roving and fibres plus a jumbo loom so that I can make a wall hanging to jazz up our bare living room walls.

I have previously bought Kathryn’s Autumn Crochet Pumpkin kit and found that the instructions were really clear and concise, so I was quietly confident that I would (eventually) manage to make a half decent looking wallhanging. I am an old fashioned book and magazine kind of girl so I admit that I was a little apprehensive about the prospect of a video guide but I actually found it much easier than usual as I could pause, rewind and rewatch as much as I needed. It definitely helped with the sumac weave which I got myself tangled up in to begin with and has to watch at least a dozen times. Plus Kathryn has a way of just making you feel super relaxed and is not patronising in the slightest. She is a great teacher and i am just gutted that she is so far away or I would sign up to her in person classes after lockdown.

This is my finished wall hanging. I am rather proud of my masterpiece and thoroughly enjoyed the whole making process. As I was one of the first to order I also received a very tasty brownie as an added extra, which made the whole experience that little bit more special. I have now well and truly got the weaving bug and feel quite confident that I know the basics and could therefore create a variety of looks from the couple of techniques I have learnt.

If you have a bit of time to spare during lockdown I would highly recommend having a look at Kathryn’s kits on her Etsy shop as well as giving her a follow on Instagram where she has created the hashtag #craftingbringsuscloser as a place for us to share any craft projects. 

Do you craft to relax? What crafts are you working on at the moment? Let me know in the comments.

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