Keys Soulcare: Skincare by Alicia Keys.

Aiming to go a bit deeper than your traditional celebrity backed beauty brand, Keys Soulcare has a real focus on mental and inner wellbeing. Developed in partnership (although it doesn’t promote this information heavily) with E.L.F, the products are simple. There is distinct lack of the fuss and frill that come with a launch which is really refreshing to see. The range consists of a cleanser, mist, two moisturisers (one is the fragrance free version of the other), powder exfoliator, multi purpose balm and a mask. A concise showcase, I do wish there was a SPF included. I have tried three products so far and have shared my thoughts below;

Be Luminous Exfoliator.

A powder exfoliator that is water activated, it felt like a paired down version of the (discontinued) Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains. The ability to add as much or as little of the powder to water before applying to the skin makes this incredibly versatile – if you need a bit of a grittier, more thorough scrub simply adjust the proportions. Combining antioxidant packed Hojicha green tea powder with Mung beans and oats it is both soothing and effective at sloughing away dead skin. I have had this for a couple of months now but have only used it a handful of times – I just find it a bit faffy and messy for everyday.

Skin Transforming Cream

Designed to cater for all skin types, this dermatologist developed formula is packed full of skin nourishing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Bakuchiol.

  • Malachite: Hailed by the ancient Egyptians as the stone of transformation, malachite has been used for thousands of years to cleanse, purify, and calm the spirit. 
  • Ceramides: Fatty acids that are key to repairing the moisture barrier and in turn, locking in moisture.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: The hero product of 2020 – everyone has been talking about Hyaluronic Acid which draws moisture to the skin and can hold 1000x it’s weight in water.
  • Bakuchoil: Hailed as a plant based, natural alternative to retinol that is gentler to the skin.

Comforting Soothing Skin Balm.

An unlikely favourite, I was not expecting to like this at all. The slightly sickly vanilla scent gave me instant flashbacks to cheap lip balms bought as a teenager and reapplied every five minutes but when used, you really can’t smell it. Formulated with a blend of camellia seed and avocado oils, rose of Jericho and Shea butter it feels more luxurious than it’s £10 cost. Due to the current situation I haven’t fancied taking it out of the house (instead relying on the mess free La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume) but have used it as my go to when at home. Moisturising on both lips and cuticles it has even soothed some sore patches on my elbows where Rosie has pinched me whilst falling asleep. I have used it quite a lot and have only made a small dent so I can imagine it will be going for quite some time yet.

 Have you tried anything from the Keys SoulCare range?


*These products were sent to me, for free from Influenster and Keys SoulCare. There was no expectation to share on my blog or social media. The only requirement was for me to leave a review on their website. Influenster is open for anyone to join and I highly recommend becoming a part of it.*

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  • Timmy

    Oh, I did not know the range had a mist. This is one I would be tempted to try, I think since the Omorovicza I am now fully a mist convert.

    I know what you mean about the faff of the exfoliator but I do quite like that you can really water it down for a gentle refresh or make it far thicker for a more “intense” exfoliation. Probably not ideal with a toddler running around though!

    The news about E.L.F is a real surprise, they definitely kept that under wraps and makes complete sense when looking at the no nonsense packaging and small line. I agree about the SPF, even though this would probably be the most intensive to experiment with for them it would have made a great addition.

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