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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2021

Mother’s Day falls on the 14th March this year and with the latest guidelines just having been released, it looks as though we are set to spend Mother’s Day in lockdown. 

I wanted to share a curated selection of gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day, that are suitable for all ages and would be very well received – especially if they have a tearaway toddler or have spent the last year juggling home schooling on top of everything else that 2020/1 has thrown at us. 

I have also placed a big Hobbycraft order and I am going to have a go at some Mother’s Day/Springtime crafts with Rosie ahead of a blogpost for next week. Plus handmade gifts are always my favourite so keep an eye out for that.

Emma Bridgewater Mug

I love Emma Bridgewater pottery. They make great gifts, especially the Mr&Mrs and Mama/Papa bear collections and look amazing hanging on a welsh dresser. My current favourite is the Pink Roses Mum 1/2 Pint. They are made from slightly chunkier pottery  which I find keeps your coffee hotter for longer (essential) and the half pint size is great for your morning caffiene fix. You can get 15% off your first order on the Emma Bridgewater website but have a look in their outlet/seconds section – there are some great bargains and they are near perfect.

Yuyu Bottle

If like me, you have spent the last 3 years pregnant, breastfeeding and carrying a heavy toddler around, you most likely also suffer with a bad back. Described as a wearable hot water bottle, this has been on top of my wishlist for a while as you can simply tie it around your body and carry on with your day. You can even wear it under your coat whilst stood at the side of the football field on a Sunday morning. My current favourite is the cotton mono grey stripe but they also have a premium cashmere and Liberty London fabric range if your giftee deserves an extra special treat.

Sheepers slippers.

As much as I love my chestnut UGG Scuffette slippers, since having Rosie I must say that I haven’t worn them nearly as often. They just aren’t practical when I am up and down the stairs I have just ordered some Sheepers slippers as they had a great offer on their seconds (as you can tell I love a bargain) where you could get a pair that haven’t quite passed QC for £22. Judging from reviews they are the tiniest faults, that you often don’t even notice. It is also a lucky dip, which adds to the excitement (although you can leave a note with your top picks and they will try to accommodate where possible.) I have the Rainbow Sheepers which come in a child size too if you like twinning.

Wool and The Gang – Big Love Bag Crochet kit.

This is a slightly more niche gift idea – I am a lover of all things crafty. Crochet in particular at the moment and this crochet clutch kit from Wool and The Gang looks like a really interesting make. I haven’t worked with raffia or made anything wearable yet but the Bardot Red colour would be gorgeous for summer. If you have a smaller budget, one of my favourite gifts was when Daniel went in to Hobbycraft on his own and picked me up a couple of skeins of yarn that he thought I would like.

Birdhouse Tea – Hello Sunshine.

To be honest for Mother’s Day we never go overboard, it tends to be a coffee and hot cross buns in bed, a card and a bunch of daffodils. For a treat the Hello Sunshine tea is a loose leaf lemon and ginger infusion (one of my personal favourites) which is great for energising and setting you up for a busy day. Plus with a dash of local honey it helps to ward away any sniffles.


For when relaxing seems impossible, popping on a Spacemask and lying in the bath for half an hour always helps. The subtle scent of Jasmine isn’t overpowering and I find them particularly effective for migraines (or hangovers). You also get five individually packaged masks in the box so they are ideal for splitting up for multiple people – mums, grannys, best friends. The perfect Mother’s day gift accompanied by a big bar of their favourite chocolate. 

Have you got any plans for Mother’s Day? What is on the top of your wishlist / to buy list?

Nb. The images (bar the chocolate and flowers) have been taken from the respective brands Instagram pages and websites. I do not claim ownership.

First-Time Mama to Rosie - MUA / Retail Manager - Fuelled by Coffee and Concealer - Dairy Free - Weaning Toddler - Extended Breastfeeding.


  • Timmy

    I cannot believe it is Mother’s Day once again, especially given that I flew out to see Mumsy last year and then got trapped out of the country for 5 months!

    I am hoping beyond all hope that we will be in the new house by the time it rolls around, not only because I have had 60 Elemis capsules sat in our storage unit since October that we meant for Christmas and would suit very well as a Mother’s Day gift. We are like you, little gifts and a good breakfast in bed – probably followed with board games, a film and a bottle of champers – not a bad day really.

    Loving the look of that YuYu Bottle, I pretty much have a hot water bottle tucked in to my jumper 95% of the time and it would be nice to not worry about it falling out!

    • Sophie

      LOVE the look of the YUYU. They even do childrens ones!
      Oh I cant believe it has been a year now since you went out. I am much happier now you are both on British soil.
      Did she share her Galentines capsules with you?

  • Sophia patel

    what a great post! That time of year already?! I love emma Bridgewater, such a classic! And I have never heard of Sheepers but i will definitely be checking them out now!

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