Christmas: December 1st Box.

On the lead up to Christmas, Instagram is full of parents proudly sharing the contents of their children’s Christmas Eve boxes. Now that Rosie is getting old enough to be really aware of Christmas, I was really excited to make her one of her own.

All being well and dependant on current regulations, we will be staying with my parents on Christmas Eve. With this in mind and with Rosie still only being 2, we decided that instead of a Christmas Eve Box, we will start our tradition as a December Box. On the morning of the 1st of December, Rosie will come down to a box filled with goodies to enjoy for the whole month (and beyond of course). Instead of having such a huge amount of presents in a small amount of time and being completely overwhelmed, I thought it would help build up to the big day. 

I haven’t purchased a specifically designed box, mainly because time got away from me. My heart was set on the North Pole Hamper from Polar Post but I was too slow when they relaunched on the website, next year I will be more speedy! I also thought it would be handy to get a larger, hamper style box so I could store all of the bits and pieces ready for next Christmas.

Instead I have repurposed a cardboard box from a recent QVC parcel, wrapped it in some Christmas wrapping paper that we already had and then tied it with a big pink ribbon. I was unsure whether to wrap the individual items, especially as I didn’t want to create unnecessary waste, but Rosie absolutely loves the idea of presents and we will reuse the paper to draw on. When Rosie came downstairs this morning her face lit up. She was so careful opening each present and sitting and reading each book before opening the next – quite the opposite to what I had expected.

What I have included:

  • New Pyjamas : These gorgeous tartan ones from Next.
  • Father Christmas bag (John Lewis last year) This year’s Reindeer version. 
  • Elf Soft toy (Card Factory last year)
  • Handmade crochet Father Christmas (Elsecar Christmas Market last year)
  • Cosy Socks (Primark)
  • Selection of figures from Rosie’s Happy Land Advent Calendar last year
  • Peppa Pig Advent Calendar
  • Christmas tableware – bowl, plate and cup (Home Bargains)
  • Selection of Christmas books that we had from last year, all purchased second hand.
  • Winter Wonderland Colouring Activity Book (Home Bargains)
  • Kinder chocolate Father Christmas (Asda)

The rest of her Christmas books and her Happyland advent figures will be added on to her toy shelves along with a little Christmas tree (in the hope that she will leave mine alone). I have some Christmas stickers and a couple more colouring books stashed away for a rainy day later in the month.  I can’t wait to update Rosie’s toy rotation this evening to include all of her new toys, fingers crossed we have our new carpets fitted soon and then we can get in to full festive mode and get the tree up. Do you do a Christmas Eve box for your children? What do you fill yours with?

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