Christmas: December 1st Box 2021.

You may have read last years blogpost on Rosies 1st of December box and *spoiler alert* I have to say that I haven’t added that much more in. Rosie is now 3 so is playing a little bit more imaginatively and sitting that bit longer listening to stories so I wanted to update it slightly. 

There is quite a simple reason that I have chosen to do a ‘1st of December box’ rather than the more widely made Christmas Eve Box – she will get so much more use out of it all and it sets the excitement of Christmas off. Especially as this is the first year she has really understood it all. On the 1st of December, Rosie will come down to a box filled with goodies to enjoy for the whole month (and beyond of course). Instead of having such a huge amount of presents in a small amount of time and being completely overwhelmed, I thought it would help build up to the big day.  

Unlike last year, Rosie wasn’t as slow and steady with the unboxing and she was living her best life rummaging right to the bottom. Her face was an absolute picture and it is really what it is all about – the magic of seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes.

What I have included:
  • New Pyjamas : I managed to finally get hold of the matching family pyjamas from Marks and Spencer.
  • Father Christmas bag (John Lewis 2 years ago) 
  • Elf Soft toy (Card Factory 2 years ago)
  • Handmade crochet Father Christmas (Elsecar Christmas Market 2 years ago)
  • Selection of figures from Rosie’s Happy Land Advent Calendar in 2019.
  • Peppa Pig Chocolate Advent Calendar 
  • Christmas themed Stickers from Poundland.
  • Selection of Christmas books that we had from last year, all purchased second hand.
  • A bundle of Christmas books from The Works – 10 for £10.
  • Snowman and Penguin Marshmallows (Asda)
  • Kinder chocolate Father Christmas (Asda)
  • Window Stickers from Poundland.
 Rosie also received a very special advent calendar from her Auntie Timmy, full of Gruffalo and friends books. This evening she opened a Gruffalo Colouring book and made a start immediately.

In total I didn’t spend more than £20, including the pyjamas which were £11. She will wear the pyjamas all year round and then the Christmas bits will be packed away for next year, and no doubt the year after that. One thing for sure is that I will be avoiding the Elf on the Shelf like the plague! 

Are you team Christmas Eve Box or do you get things started on the 1st December?

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  • Timmy

    I had completely forgotten about this and love the idea all over again!

    Big fan of reusing items from last year and previous advent calendars, what a great way to save money and also get the most life out of what you have. Hopefully her advent calendar will provide some items for next year too x

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