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Celebrating Christmas with a 3 year old and why I lowered my expectations.

This is the first year that Rosie has been really aware of or excited about Christmas. She turned 3 in September and is the perfect age for the Christmas magic but also slap bang in the middle of toddlerhood and all of the unpredictability that comes with it. We aren’t a religious family so Christmas for us is about being with our loved ones and enjoying a rest after a busy year.


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Father Christmas.

I must admit that I was the most excited about taking Rosie to meet Father Christmas for the first time and we had purposefully held out until she was old enough to enjoy the moment. We are really lucky that we have a community group in our village that puts on activities for children throughout the year so we nipped down to meet their Father Christmas and Rosie absolutely hated it. She reused to go anywhere near him and was horrified by the whole experience. At this point I had already booked for us to go to the Santa Express at Meadowhall later in the month but thankfully after a little chat and looking at their photos and videos on Instagram (which she told me that the one we had seen previously wasn’t the real Father Christmas but the one we are seeing on the train was) she was really excited. The Santa Express was incredible and something we are hoping to do again next year – they were so engaging, the whole experience was just magical.

Opening Presents.

You would expect a three year old would be tearing the paper off as soon as she walked in the room but with Rosie, she lost interest very quickly. She had asked Father Christmas for a set of Bluey figures so as soon as she had opened them, she wasn’t bothered about anything else. We didn’t go overboard with gifts (we even kept the Ikea Kitchen we bought for another time) and most of the ones we did buy, I managed to get second hand which meant that it wasn’t as expensive as I had anticipated. The joy about buying secondhand from sites like Vinted, Ebay and Depop or via a Charity Shop is not only that you manage to grab a bargain, but you are putting some money in to another person or charity’s pocket.

Christmas Dinner.

Rosie, like most three year olds is a bit of a fussy eater and for me Christmas Day is not the day to challenge this. We know some of her all time favourites are Flipper Dippers, Alphabet Letters, Margherita Pizza and picky bits like crackers, cocktail sausages and crisps so I loaded up the freezer and cupboards so that we had enough on hand to keep her going. Christmas Day is all about enjoying your favourite foods (including chocolate for breakfast) so I didn’t want her to miss out on that, plus it saves one less meltdown.

Routine (or lack of).

We aren’t really a strict routine family and we never have been so it was quite seamless for Rosie to adapt to not being home at bedtime and sleeping at family homes. On Christmas Eve she was awake til gone 10 but then slept until 9 the next morning, tucked up next to me in Dan’s old bedroom at his mum’s house. I know this would be the worst situation for many mums but we are pretty easygoing and often just follow Rosie’s cues, especially as she is getting bigger. 

For us Christmas is a time to sit back, enjoy time with your family and eat lots of great food. I would love to hear how your Children adapted to the overexcitement of Christmas, especially if they are 4yo – it gives me a bit of an idea of how next year will go!

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  • Timmy

    It is so exciting to think what she will be like this Christmas with a whole extra year of knowledge and understanding ahead of her. How lovely.

    Fully agree, chocolate is a must for breakfast on Christmas day and everyday after!

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