Beauty Samples I have used up lately.

I used to save any samples or travel sizes that I picked up in gift with purchases or goody bags. Squirreling them away for times that I may get the chance to travel or fancy a change, but for the most part they just sat in a basket in my cupboard. With the likelihood of any travel looking quite slim for the next year I decided to work my way through them and try out some new products and rediscover some old favourites. Empties posts are some of my favourites so I hope that you enjoy this one too.

I have used the coloured hearts below as a guide for which products I would or would not repurchase as I find it is the clearest way, especially if you are a visual learner like myself. 

💚Will repurchase immediately / have already repurchased.

💛 Will likely repurchase at some point but in no rush. 

❤️ Would not repurchase.

❤️ The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel 60ml (60ml available in store for £2)

This came in a gift set and although it is reasonably moisturising and smells great, I doubt I would buy the full size as there are plenty that I either have in my stash to try or have seen on the market that I want to. Functional but nothing special.

💛 Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Cream

I enjoyed using this moisturiser but I think I prefer the Aurelia sample which is a similar price bracket. Quite heavy on essential oils which my skin doesn’t seem to react to, it is a light but deeply nourishing moisturiser that I used day and night. I may purchase again in the future – I think the Extra range is one of Bobbi Brown’s hidden gems. 

💚 Aveda Nutri Plenish leave in conditioner.

It doesn’t help my bank balance that the team at my local Aveda counter are incredible. Lori recommended me this to lightly hydrate the ends of my hair and protect against heat damage. I am really hard to please when it comes to hair products but this left my neglected ends smooth. I would highly recommend their Instagram if you need any hair advice.

💚Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo

I have a full size of this in my drawer ready for the next time my eczema flares up, I wouldn’t be without it. I was recommended about five years ago and haven’t looked back. I suffer with flare ups every so often and this works as both preventative and a treatment without any medicinal smell or stripping your hair. 

❤️ La Mer moisturising soft cream

As much as I loved using both the sample size and my 30ml which I have nearly finished, I think there are better moisurisers on the market for less money. My skin looked incredible but if I was to purchase from La Mer again, I would look at treatments which have a much higher dosage of the Miracle Broth.

💚Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic 

These two arrived with a previous online order and I was SO grateful as I absolutely love the Hydrating Face Tonic as a quick swipe over in the morning or after an oily cleanser. A bottle lasts a surprisingly long time. I still have about half a bottle that I had in my freelance kit and as we haven’t been able to do much bridal makeup in the last twelve months I have added it to my makeup bag.

❤️Nars Optimal Brightening Serum

I didn’t notice a remarkable difference which is to be expected when only using for a small amount of time but my skin definately looked more radiant and the slightly pearlised finished perked up my tired skin. Dimethicone is the second ingredient which leaves the skin very smooth but meant that it pilled if a non silicone based moisturiser on top. 

❤️ Fresh Soy Face Cleanser  (50ml available to purchase for £11.50)

I can’t fault the actual product but the strong cucumber scent just makes me feel queasy. I powered through and used it up as to not waste it but I wouldn’t repurchase, unless perhaps they offered an alternative scent as Elemis do with their cleansing balm.  

💚 Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day and Night Creams.

Aurelia is probably the brand that I am most excited to try more of. I am intrigued by their probiotic skincare concept and have a few products in my basket ready to purchase. I picked up these samples as part of their discovery kit and they lasted a week or so each. The night cream felt much richer than the day cream but still had an almost whipped texture. Both felt really light on the skin and I loved the scent. 

💛 Clinique Moisture Surge 

I have used this for the past ten years and would recommend it to anybody, especially those who hate the feeling of moisturiser on the skin as this is the lightest textured gel I have come across that still hydrates the skin. Plus it is packed with one of my favourite ingredients – Cica, which soothes irritated skin. 

💛 Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 

This was a sample from SoPost – I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for their campaigns on Facebook / Pinterest etc as I have tried some really great products through them. I have used ANR on and off for years, it really is a cult favoruite for a reason. 

💛 Nars Tinted Moisturiser (Terre Neuve)

I didn’t expect to get a full face out of this teeny tube but rather surprisingly I managed a few applications. Not as glowy as the Bobbi Brown tinted balm which I usually use but I find it lasts much longer and doesn’t cling at all to any dryness on the skin. SPF 30 is an added bonus aswell. 

❤️ Laura Mercier The Perfect Cream

I think this came in one of the My John Lewis beauty event goodybags and I must say I was disappointed. The moisturiser is a great texture as it goes on the skin but within minutes I could feel it pilling and rolling on my skin which was only exasabated further if I wore any foundation. I wouldn’t purchase again, especially as it retails for the same price as the Bobbi Brown Extra / Aurelia Cell Revitalising which I much prefer.

I have also used up two mini eye makeup removers. The Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover and the Nars Gentle Eye Makeup Remover I honestly haven’t found an eye makeup remover that I have been overly impressed with. I find them greasy and would much rather use a cleansing balm, oil or a micellar water. If you do have any recommendations for eye makeup removers let me know, I am willing to give a few more a try. 

Are you an empties hoarder or do you use them as soon as you get them? 

First-Time Mama to Rosie - MUA / Retail Manager - Fuelled by Coffee and Concealer - Dairy Free - Weaning Toddler - Extended Breastfeeding.

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  • Timmy

    You and I have both had the same idea and I have been working through all my minis and travel sizes too, a great way to test products and also good to get them all used up!

    I still have the Soy Cleanser from the JL goody bag but now you have said the Cucumber scent I already know I will not be able to stand it, I absolutely loathe anything on my face that smells of cucumber.. why do they do it??

    I love the little basket shot, I assume that is Rosie’s 😀

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