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10 Christmas things that other people love but I don’t.

This tag has been flying around Instagram this evening, the original template was from Lucie at lucieandthebump‘s Instagram but I have seen it on Alice and Ruth‘s stories too. It looked like fun so I fancied taking part. Please let me know if you join in and I can link to your answers too. Oh and the photo is one of the most festive I could find in my camera roll and despite the post’s title, I absolutely LOVE a glass of fizz!

  1. Christmas Eve night out: My little sister would always meet her friends at the pub on the evening of the 24th, returning home after midnight. I don’t even know if I could stay out past midnight anymore but I am 100% an early night on Christmas Eve kind of girl.
  2.  Real trees: In all fairness I haven’t actually ever had a real tree but the cost of them, watering them and the dropping of needles makes me always go for our trusty artificial one.
  3. Cheeseboards: I am one of the few people who absolutely hate cheese, in all of it’s cheesy forms. So a cheeseboard is my worst nightmare.
  4. Elf on the Shelf: Thankfully Rosie is still far too young to understand the Elf on the Shelf because the thought of having to remember to move it every night is just one too many plates added to the December juggle.
  5. Christmas Eve Box: It seems like not only a lot of new things for a little one to open in a 24 hour period but also strikes me as slightly wasteful when the pjs, toys and books are only used til the end of December with them being Christmas themed. This year we used the same concept but made Rosie a December Box. Click through to the linked blogpost to find out more.
  6. Father Christmas is watching…: I don’t know if this is me just being over sensitive but I just don’t want Rosie to grow up thinking that somebody she doesn’t know can watch her sleep etc. I think when the time comes we will go with the concept that Mummy and Daddy can tell Father Christmas if she has been behaving.
  7. Christmas Pudding: The texture on the roof of my mouth, the brandy sauce, the lack of flavour. It is a no from me!
  8. Bread Sauce: I don’t know anyone that actually likes bread sauce. The thought of soggy blended bread makes me want to throw up.
  9. Baileys: I think Baileys and Malibu are the two drinks that I don’t like whatsoever. I would always recommend Coole Swan for a cream based liqueur. 
  10. Sales Shopping: I was a much more resilient shopper in my teens and the bustling Boxing Day sales were my idea of heaven. Now I hate the disorganisation, the crowds and the fact everything you find is never in your size. I would much rather shop from my sofa with a glass of fizz.
What do you not like that others rave about? Do you agree with any of mine?

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  • Timmy

    Absolutely agree with all of those except Baileys, outrageous!

    I have never understood the Christmas Eve night out, not only do I want to be in bed by 9pm but I also don’t want to wake up on Christmas day feeling rotten – nothing about it appeals to me.

    Have been gifted a small real tree and it keeps dropping little pines everywhere and even though they are tiny they really hurt to pick up!

    • Sophie

      Plus I like the fact that my parent’s tree has been the same for years. Ours was a rushed £10 purchase from Argos when we lived in Harrogate and although we will look for a good deal in the sales for our forever tree, it is good for now.

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